Happy Referral

My experience with the McKenna Team began with a recommendation from a colleague. My wife and I have thanked that colleague ever since.

My wife and I were preparing one of our homes to become a rental property and called McKenna to evaluate its services. After the first meeting with Jenni, we signed the contract. The services and support of her team fulfilled what we needed, and the low contract price exceeded our expectations. Jenni and her team sought and secured tenants within days, and ensured the property continued to meet all requirements of the Home Owners’ Association while the home was rented.

We received regular correspondence regarding rental payments and maintenance needs, and received follow-up calls within hours if we had questions. This was our first experience handling a rental property and the McKenna Team made this experience enjoyable. We have been recommending their services to friends and colleagues, and even to one new neighbor who was considering renting his home.

When we were forced to sell the house, the McKenna Team guided us through the necessary short sale process. In addition to making sure the paperwork and signatures were in order, their team expressed genuine empathy – something many service oriented businesses lack.

The sale of the house is complete and our contract has concluded, but my wife and I will continue to recommend the McKenna team to as many people as we can. The team embodies a level of service and professionalism that other companies should follow and embrace. There were many extraordinary professionals at McKenna who helped us including Jenni, Nicole, Dale, Carolyn, and Melinda. We appreciate all that these folks, and those whose names we forgot, did for us.

If you, reading this note, need a reliable company for any of the services McKenna provides, call them now. I am confident you will be equally (if not more) impressed with their abilities, dedicated service, and professionalism.